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Honey Bee Keeping Training Programme

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Honey Bee Keeping Equipments

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15 Essential Beekeeping Equipment Every Beekeeper Can’t Live Without

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1. HivesHives are where the bees live. You will need to do some research to decide which type of hive you’d like to have. I personally use Langstroth hives, but I hope to try out a Top Bar Hive sometime soon.

2. Frames

Frames are rectangles that hang inside of a hive like a filing system. The bees will build their comb inside of these frames. This is where they will make honey, lay brood, and live their lives constantly preparing for winter.

3. Smoker

Having a smoker should be a pretty big priority if you decide to take on beekeeping. The reason is the bees don’t care about the smoke.

4. Hive Tool

A hive tool is another very inexpensive tool but it is one I would consider a necessity. The reason is that bees line their hives with propolis. It is basically the glue that holds everything together, and they also use it for insulation purposes as well.

5. Queen Catcher

A queen catcher is a handy tool to have when you want to keep the queen separated for a while. A prime example of this is when you are going through your hives. Sometimes it is easier to place her in this catcher so you don’t lose her in the process.

6. Bee Suit

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